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The Initial training

Our initial training focuses on basic

Adavus (foot works)

Hastas (hand gestures)


Thala (Rhythm)

Towards the end of the initial level children are trained to build the foundation for preparatory learning “Margam” (Dance repertoire).


The Mid-Level Training

The progress in the middle level gets little intense.

The children are given firm training on a “Margam”.

Looks a little deeper into Theory.

Understanding Thala in a sequence.

Gives an opening for Abhinaya and Bhava.

The Mid-Level training has been structured to ensure that the children are ready to perform a Salangai poojai (An initiative program for one to perform on stage independently or as a group).

Salangai poojai helps them to engage and participate in Programs provided by our Institution. This also helps them to step into the next level of learning.


Senior / High – Level Training

This level focuses on building strong foundation and excellence in dance in order to prepare the children for further special/ important programs.

The Margam initiated during the Mid – Level is even more elevated. The working pattern of Margam at this stage is more strenuous with intricate rhythmic patterns and creative imaginations demanding more concentration.

Bhava Play a vital role in this level.  Sringara rasa of Nayaka-Nayaki Bhakti tradition is introduced here. Adequate theory knowledge will support the children to understand the root of each item they learn.

To increase their practical knowledge in Thala students are allowed to assist along with their Guru starting up with Initial Level then move on to the Mid-level.

This learning takes to an emerge “Arangetram”, a performance followed after years of training intended to establish the quality. A student who has completed his/ her Arangetram will attain a level of performing various programs not only in a group but as a Solo performing Artist.


Level after Arangetram

The senior level teaching has made the adequate training for the students to perform Padam or Javali in their Arangetram.

At this level students are given more of these numbers.

Padam, Javali, Ashtapadi requires slower-moving grace, expression, and emotion, involving the hand gestures, eyes, and face for expression rather than fancy steps.



The students now move on to handle the basic level individually and assist senior level. They are also trained to use symbols (Nattuvangam) and primed for a Nattuvangam Arangetram.

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Call us at +91 94434 21628 or email info@bharathalayam.in


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